Translink is made up of Metro, NI Railways, Ulsterbus and Glider. We are responsible for over 78 million bus and rail passenger journeys each year. We have almost 4000 employees, around 1400 buses and 45 trains. We aim to provide co-ordinated bus and rail services which people are satisfied with and have confidence in. We want our services to be recognised for their high quality and good value.

Key Translink Facts

  • 1.6m passengers going to work, education, health services, leisure activities and more every week.
  • 12,500 services every day.
  • Operate a fleet of 1400 buses, coaches and trains.
  • These vehicles do 44 million miles per year.
  • We operate over and maintain 300 miles of rail track, including many bridges, level crossings and signals.
  • We carry 55,000 school kids to school every day.
  • We employ over 3,800 green, local jobs across all parts of NI.
  • All main bus and train facilities fully accessible.
  • Over 200k concession passes active for travel.
  • Leading transport provider for major events.

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