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Contracting in 2024

Tim Whalen Feb 19, 2024

After the pandemic, it became apparent that it was necessary to alter our approach to work, including how and where we work. For many people, work-life balance is now a top priority.

Over the past three years we have kept hearing the world of work is changing, evolving and it’s safe to say it looks completely different to what it was before. Hybrid working is now the norm and remote working an option for many professionalsAs organizations navigate economic uncertainty, legislation changes and the biggest changes to how we work in a generation, the importance of contract and interim talent in 2024 has never been more important. 

Organizations that aim to grow and outperform others usually need to be nimble, flexible, and smart. Contract and interim talent can play a significant role in achieving these objectives. Contractors and interims offer an effective and agile way of filling roles in a short time frame, optimizing costs, and maximizing resources. These factors provide greater flexibility, minimize risks, and enable existing resources to be allocated more strategically. Projects can be ramped up faster and seen in a longer-term view, rather than waiting for the permanent recruitment process to finish. 

Contract and interim talent present a huge opportunity for many organizations to access specialist talent quickly for those niche and hard to fill roles that otherwise would sit unfilled for months, even years in some cases. According to research by Statista, 54% of tech organizations surveyed have said that they have “experienced a skills shortage that has consistently held them back. 

In an increasingly specialized economy, the demand for niche skills and domain expertise continues to soar. Whether it’s Artificial Intelligence, DevOPs, Rust, Go or Machine Learning, interims and contractors allow organizations to enhance their internal capabilities and take some of the pressure off existing teams whilst increasing competitiveness in rapidly moving markets. With the SHRM saying that labor shortages are a top concern for 65% of organizations, interims and contractors are being seen as more strategically important resources to forward thinking organizations and are no longer seen as short-term fix. 

According to Deloitte's research, high-skill positions such as AI, ML, automation, cloud security, and cloud infrastructure are the most difficult to fill. This has resulted in an increase of contract and interim workers entering the market as they see it as an opportunity to gain exposure and control over their projects, while also enjoying the flexibility and freedom that comes with contract work. For ambitious organizations, it is essential to partner with a strategic provider who can offer contract and interim talent that can drive growth, change, and transformation, rather than relying solely on recruitment companies that provide contractors. 

At MCS Group, we offer a unique approach to contract and interim assignments that is centered around strategy and partnership. We don't just find talent for your roles, we find outcomes and solutions to your challenges and pain points by quickly sourcing and screening the right talent. Additionally, we ensure a seamless onboarding process so that your next contractor or interim can hit the ground running.  

If you're interested in learning more about our contract and interim solutions, and how we can help you have the right resources at the right time, feel free to book a meeting or coffee with our team today. 

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