Business in the Community

Business in the Community (BITC) stands for responsible business. Set up in Northern Ireland in 1989, there are now over 260 members involved in what is the largest business-led coalition dedicated to corporate responsibility.

The Northern Ireland operation is also part of a UK-wide organisation with over 850 members and the unique ability to convene senior business leaders to tackle key social issues and use their skills and resources as a force for good. BITC also has a sister organisation in Dublin, enabling effective engagement with businesses that have an all-Ireland perspective.

The BITC membership continues to grow as more companies realise that just saying they are committed to being socially responsible is not enough. They now also understand that membership of Business in the Community is the most effective way of turning that commitment into action.

Business in the Community have always encouraged companies to engage individually to address their own business priorities in a responsible way, while at the same time using their skills and resources to benefit society and the environment by working together through collective business action.

The Business in the Community purpose….

….is to challenge and support business to be a force for good.

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