Signifyd is a company built on the belief that online merchants should be able to provide a friction-free buying experience to their customers without the fear of fraud or customer abuse. The company is a team of bright, motivated people who are compassionate in dealing with their customers. As a group, Signifyers are curious, pioneering and willing to roll up their sleeves to do what needs to get done. They believe in coming together, finding strength in their differences, and harnessing their collective energy and intelligence to build solutions that are scalable and stand the test of time. As they scale for the future, however, Signifyers are never afraid to question the assumptions of the past. 

Signifyd is creating a new market. It’s constantly improving and expanding the technology that has changed what fraud protection and chargeback management for ecommerce looks like. Signifyd doesn’t have time for office politics or to worry about where or when work gets done. And yes, what needs to get done, gets done. Signifyd is a place where no one is going to tell you how to do your job. If you want help, you'll get it — from all quarters. But Signifyers pretty much figure out what needs to be done, who's in the best position to do it and then let that person roll-up her or his sleeves and have at it.

Signifyd attracts people:

  • Who believes challenges are best overcome by thinking differently.
  • Who know their role, but aren’t confined by it.
  • Whose greatest satisfaction comes from helping customers succeed and achieve their dreams.
  • Who aren’t afraid to disagree, convincingly, civilly and honestly.
  • Who will stop and hold the door for a colleague, even if they’re running late.

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