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Tech Talent Tuesday - Aarthi Ramamurthy

Elana Hershman Nov 21, 2023

From spearheading ventures like True & Co and Lumoid, to taking on high-powered tech executive roles at Microsoft, Netflix, Facebook and CommerceHub, to co-hosting The Aarthi and Sriram Show (formerly “The Good Time Show”), Aarthi Ramamurthy has turned her passion for building delightful product experiences into an inspirational career. 

Early Life and Career: Aarthi’s Rise as a Software Engineer and Product Manager

Raised in Chennai, India, Aarthi had a typical middle-class Tamil Indian upbringing. Her academic journey led her to PSG College of Technology, where she earned a Master's in Software Engineering, laying the groundwork for her remarkable career in the tech realm. 

Aarthi began her career in 2005, when she was became one of Microsoft’s youngest Product Managers of the time. Her impactful tenure involved significant work on the Xbox Live team constructing crucial Xbox LIVE APIs, including those facilitating gamer score, achievements, and leaderboard access. Transitioning to Netflix, Aarthi took on the role of Product Manager, pioneering the development of the consumer SDK, including the Netflix Ready Device Platform (NRDP). This SDK served as the backbone for internal and external partners seeking seamless Netflix integration into consumer electronics devices. 

From True & Co to Lumoid: Aarthi's Disruptive Ventures

After her time at Microsoft and Netflix, Aarthi began her entrepreneurial ventures. First, she co-founded True & Co in 2012. True & Co is an innovative lingerie e-commerce venture which differentiated itself by offering a unique "big data" approach to fitting bras, leveraging an interactive questionnaire to personalize recommendations. Her entrepreneurial journey continued as she served as an entrepreneur-in-residence at Battery Ventures after True & Co's inception. Then, in 2013, she embarked on another groundbreaking venture: founding Lumoid. Lumoid, a disruptive try-before-you-buy rental service for gadgets like cameras and headphones, embodies Aarthi's vision to empower consumers with diverse brand experiences before making purchases. As the solo founder, she led Lumoid's rapid expansion across San Francisco and New York, securing multiple rounds of funding. Her strategic prowess was evident in pivotal partnerships, notably with Best Buy, culminating in a successful try-before-you-buy service that reduced returns and generated additional revenue for both companies. 

Empowering Creators and Improving Communities at Facebook

Aarthi has also held pivotal roles at Facebook, notably taking on the crucial role of Product Lead of Creator Monetization and Payments in 2017, driving initiatives that empowered creators with innovative monetization tools. Her leadership led to the creation of the first digital subscription product for video content creators, allowing them to earn substantial income. She also pioneered Facebook Stars, a tipping payment product embraced by gaming enthusiasts to support streamers. In 2020, Aarthi took on the role of Director of Product for Facebook Communities Products, where she focused on fostering healthy, diverse, and sustainable communities. In this important role, she launched ground-breaking features like Prompts, Q&A, online event creation, and improved content organization for Facebook Groups. 

The Aarthi and Sriram Show: Creating a Global Business Community

In December 2020, during the peak of the pandemic, Aarthi started “The Good Time Show” with her husband Sriram Krishnan, who she met while studying software engineering in Chennai, India. Designed as a Clubhouse talk show, the show sought to mirror Silicon Valley's spirit of giving back. It has featured such influential figures as Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Virgil Abloh, Naomi Osaka, and Steve Ballmer. The podcast covers a broad range of topics, from startups, venture capitalism, and cryptocurrencies to cultural shifts and entrepreneurship.  

Within a couple of years, the show's trajectory surged exponentially, exceeding Clubhouse's user limits. The show evolved into The Aarthi and Sriram Show podcast and migrated first to YouTube and eventually to iHeartMedia. It has achieved global influence, garnering over one million downloads by early 2023. The expansion not only widened the show's reach but also transformed it into a hub for insightful conversations, drawing in a diverse global audience seeking authentic discussions on career advice, business insights, and cultural paradigms.  

A Catalyst for Change: Aarthi’s Positive Impact

In January 2023, Aarthi assumed the role of Chief Product Officer at CommerceHub, a colossal B2B software infrastructure platform and commerce network that processes an average of 2.4 billion transactions daily, facilitating over $50 billion in annual commerce, a scale surpassing that of eBay in the U.S. by approximately 30%. The platform empowers retailers with real-time inventory management, seamless order fulfillment, and efficient product delivery.  

Beyond her professional pursuits, Aarthi actively champions diversity and inclusivity, striving to break barriers that hinder women in tech. Additionally, her role as an angel investor in over 30 companies, coupled with her guidance as a product advisor to various firms, showcases her dedication to fostering an environment that embraces diversity, equality, and innovation.  

Aarthi Ramamurthy is more than just a tech achiever; she's a catalyst for genuine change and innovation. As a founder, tech leader, investor, and diversity champion, she's shaping a future in tech centered on inclusivity and ground-breaking ideas. 

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